• Marc Nesbitt

"Dreams Awaken" Single Release

Thread Atlas Announces Launch of Single: “Dreams Awaken”

Credit: Henry Kmiec

After a nine-year hiatus, Thread Atlas of Houston, TX is excited to announce the launch of their brand new genre-bending single Dreams Awaken: a psychedelic, sonic journey. The official release date is set for 1/25/19.

Dreams Awaken features a wide-range of musical styles such as keyboard lines influenced by John Carpenter and vocals akin to Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony. With wide soundscapes, swelling harmonies and inventive samples, the song gives an impression of poly chromatic dye shifting and expanding amidst a live Drum ‘N Bass rhythm section burgeoning with energy and color.

A dreamy music video will accompany the release as well as a full marketing campaign, distribution though Empire Records, and an official release show on January 24, 2019 at Acadia Bar & Grill in Houston, TX


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